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As a nonprofit organization, International Schools Services (ISS) is dedicated to supporting you and developing all aspects of a strong, vibrant school. We work with more than 800 schools and thousands of educators each year across our suite of services, creating the largest global footprint in international education support. For over 60 years, our mission has been uniquely focused on helping international schools and educators develop students into thoughtful, imaginative global leaders. Our team has extensive experience in all aspects of international education, including school leadership, school finances and accounting, curriculum development, teaching and learning, recruitment, procurement, change management, creativity and innovation. Most ISS senior leaders having served as Heads of School across a variety of continents.


Whether it's developing and managing world-class international schools, staffing schools through teacher and school leader recruitment, ordering equipment and supplies, performing accounting functions, or supporting best-in-class teaching and learning approaches, ISS provides the full range of services necessary for your school to deliver an outstanding global education. With our headquarters in Princeton, NJ, USA and locations in China and the Middle East, ISS currently owns, operates, or manages about 20 international schools around the world and promotes innovation and best practices for global education. Since our inception in 1955, ISS has launched and managed more than 100 international schools, placed more than 50,000 educators, developed ground-breaking learning programs, such as the World Language Initiative and Level 5 Creativity & Innovation Hubs, processed about 15,000 school supply orders annually, and stewarded over 75 school foundations each year.




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