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Who we are

ISC Research is the recognized source of data and intelligence on the world’s English-medium K-12 international schools market. ISC Research has been collecting and supplying data, trends and insights into market developments, challenges, opportunities and practice since 1994. 


What we do

ISC Research supplies impartial and current market data and intelligence to guide schools with their growth and improvement plans, to inform new school development and/or investment, to enable connections between international schools and higher education institutions, and to advise education partners support the international schools market.



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Services for schools
Whether you wish to grow your community, keep informed of best teaching and learning practice, or refine your development strategy, our data and intelligence services support the needs of international and independent schools.
Discover what we do

Why more international schools keep opening
As new international schools keep opening year on year, we've explored the macro and micro-environmental factors influencing growth in the international schools market.
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Where is the international schools market growing?
This exclusive white paper explores where growth is occurring within today’s international schools market.
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What makes the international schools market different?
How do English-medium international schools differ from domestic K-12 educational offerings and what does that mean for school admissions and education suppliers?
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Edruptors 2022: international education influencers of the year
Find out who's been recognised as Edruptors of 2022. Our white paper includes a list of international education influencers who share good practice and social media advice for their peers.
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Listening to international student voices
International schools are recognised for the globally minded thinking they develop within students, but are they valuing the student voice to inform change within their community? This specialist report explores this topic further.
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