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Who we are

​Curriculum Associates was founded 50 years ago by a group of passionate educators with a mission to make classrooms better places. In the years since, we’ve remained driven by this mission, introducing and then constantly improving innovative and exciting products that give every student the chance to succeed. We believe teachers are the essential glue between our programs and classroom success, so we strive to empower them with the tools and resources to accelerate student growth. Together with educators, we’re making equitable learning programs a reality - raising the bar and making it reachable for all.

Our people-first commitment to service extends to our stakeholders at every level, from the passionate employees within our organization to the communities in which we operate.

What we do

Bringing our research-based, award-winning products to your classroom to help all of your students succeed. i-Ready®, Ready®, and the brand-new supplemental reading program Magnetic Reading® provide flexible and culturally relevant resources that deliver meaningful assessment and data-driven, differentiated instruction for children.  Curriculum Associates serves millions of students with a laser focus on educators’ needs and the belief that thoughtful, continuous innovation leads to positive impact on classrooms and measurable growth for students.  

By providing high-quality, engaging, culturally relevant, and anti-racist content to the schools we serve, along with assessment tools for setting high expectations, we at Curriculum Associates believe that we can help schools create a learning environment where every student succeeds.




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