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Who we are

Consilience is a non-profit global innovation company, grounded in school-based research and development. We have built an experienced, agile team with an innovation mindset and a long-term commitment to helping leaders and teams invent the future. Our multinational leadership team has proven international education experience with the world’s leading schools and organisations. We have a talented team of tech leaders, tech integration specialists, makers, data scientists, and engineers who support institutions as they lead change and transformation.

What we do

Consilience provides leadership training and professional development in the areas of Innovation Leadership, Technology Integration, Maker Learning, Online Learning and Learning Analytics. Consilience's Learning Analytics Collaborative is a partnership between educational researchers, data scientists, and visionary leaders from schools around the world urgently seeking to harness the power of Learning Analytics to analyze and share information about teaching and learning in the ways that lead to better questions, deeper understanding, and more information provision and decisions for successful teaching, learning and living.

The Learning Analytics Collaborative (the LAC) is both a platform and a service for schools seeking to harness the power of learning analytics to improve and transform schools. Schools around the world want to be more data informed in order to:

  • Personalize learning for students
  • Track and provide performance feedback for teachers
  • Enhance communications and reporting for parents
  • The LAC offers a web-based, visual, student analytics platform for teachers and school leaders to learn from student data and to plan instruction. The platform presents instant, relevant and interactive views of a student’s academic and personal development. 

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