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Who we are

At its core, confianza is a cultural concept meaning mutual respect and trust. Respect changes the status quo and communities are built on trust. We embody confianza by building strong, caring relationships with our clients and understanding their needs to create a plan that will help teachers and students thrive. Together, what we can accomplish is limitless. As a woman-owned social enterprise, we are committed to supporting and elevating the voices of those who are not historically heard and donate to non-profit organizations with like-minded missions.

Confianza Founder Sarah B. Ottow is a change agent and professional development specialist focused on improving cultural understanding, communication, and collaboration. She enjoys supporting public and private schools, non-profit organizations, and corporations across the US and internationally, teaching learners from pre-K to adults. Sarah has a master’s in curriculum and instruction with a focus on social justice in urban education and certifications in general education, English as a Second Language, bilingual education (Spanish), reading, and coaching/mentoring. Sarah founded Confianza in 2015 and she is also the author of The Language Lens for Content Classrooms: A Guide for K-12 Educators of English and Academic Language Learners published by Learning Sciences International.

What we do

Confianza offers an innovative approach to professional development that builds upon the foundations of teaching multilingual learners and includes multiple modalities (workshops, coaching, and online courses) and diverse content. 

We partner with teachers, schools, and districts across the globe to understand their context and needs, establish ambitious yet attainable goals, and develop a customized professional development plan to increase productivity, improve practices and mindsets, and address systemic issues of equity. 

We break down the “silos” that multilingual learners experience to help students meet the highest standards. We aim for sustainable impact by building capacity across grades and disciplines and guiding teachers to incorporate language and literacy strategies that support academic language development and content learning.



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