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Who we are

The CIS Membership Community - A shared commitment to shaping the future of international education.

CIS is a worldwide community of 1,370 schools and universities in 123 countries. Together, we are committed to the development of global citizenship through high-quality international education, promoting international and intercultural understanding, collaboration and support through the activities of members.

Our commitment to members

CIS membership provides schools with institution-wide access to our services, professional development and networking opportunities, resources, research, and expert guidance all designed to help you and your staff continually improve the quality of international education. In 2021, we continue to think differently about how we share our collective knowledge with you and across our membership community as we adjust to new realities for international education:  

  • How we can most effectively connect schools and universities to collectively guide students in their higher education choices at a time when exams have been cancelled, admission processes are changing, and global travel is disrupted.
  • How and where we will lead professional development and networking opportunities. In person, online, or a combination of both.
  • How our process of virtual evaluation of schools as part of their ongoing school improvement and accreditation can be used purposefully to engage our community in essential conversations with peers on new and emerging practice. 

We’re carefully considering which topics need to be on the agenda. Our focus is on the challenges our members are facing at their institutions.

What we do

At CIS, we:

  • Connect you with other members to help you implement new practices and support students and staff, even more so now as they adjust to new learning environments.
  • Assist you through times of uncertainty by developing timely resources and obtaining expert guidance to help you tackle shifting priorities and challenging circumstances.
  • Evaluate schools and report on leading practice as it emerges around the world: progressively accumulating experiences and knowledge on ideas and strategies to improve international education as needs and challenges change.
  • Explore borders and boundaries in international education, addressing mobility challenges and improving the recognition of international credentials.
  • Support you to guide students as they transition between schools, consider their higher education options globally, move on to university, and strive to fit in.
  • Develop intercultural competence, strengthening your ability to communicate across cultures, its impact on teaching and learning; exploring the relationship between student culture and how they want to learn and interact with their teachers and other students.
  • Strengthen child protection practices in schools alongside a comprehensive well-being agenda for international education that includes focus on the mental health of young people.


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