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The Common Ground Collaborative (CGC) is a non-profit learning design team supported by a global community of sense-makers, innovators, educators and partners who share a common goal. We’ve had it with decades of disconnected curriculum, disconnected schools and disconnected conversations, so we are co-creating smart, systemic, sustainable solutions. We are determinedly non-bureaucratic and non-commercial. Our aspiration is to be an authority on 'all things learning', not in authority over anyone. It's working. We are growing steadily, co-creating great schools all over the world... and enjoying the shared journeys.

What we do

The CGC forms a collaborative partnership with schools to co-create sustained transformational change. Through planned sequences of engaging 'workshops',  and with multiple exemplars, we build a true learning culture with buy-in from all stakeholder groups. This culture is framed by a simple, common Learning Definition and a set of shared Learning Principles and Practices. Within this cultural context we then create a complete, coherent, connected curriculum, rich with learning that matters. Culture + Curriculum... that's what we do.


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Building Deep Leadership in a CGC Context.
A Leadership Learning Experience for CGC Members

As we see the transformative impact of building learning cultures in our member schools, we are also coming to understand how important it is to build leadership capacity deep into the organisation, so that the evolving culture has "many leaders". We have designed this leadership course for "middle level leaders" and, in fact, for everyone, since we are all leaders, whether formally or informally. There will be 6 interactive sessions in which we explore our identity as leaders, define leadership together, understand leadership in the context of building a CGC learning ecosystem and build our leadership toolkits. 

This course is certified by CGC and participants will receive a certificate of successful completion. The course has been prototyped very successfully with three different cohorts and is now being offered to the full CGC Community.

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