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Who we are

Carney, Sandoe & Associates is an educational recruitment, executive search, strategic consulting and certified executive coaching firm that places teachers and senior administrators in private independent schools and educational organizations worldwide. Carney Sandoe is the only search firm dedicated to K-12 education with a solid grounding in both independent schools in the U.S. and international schools.

What we do

Our International Schools Practice is composed of former international school heads whose combined experience is more than 50 years. They proactively search the market and use personal networks and Carney Sandoe’s vast reach and reputation to deliver vetted pools of outstanding qualified candidates. Our consultants, informed by a deep understanding of what makes schools successful, first work to determine where a school is, then help the school decide where it wants to be, and finally work with the school to devise a path from here to there - going beyond simply recruiting. From discovering what is unique about each school, its mission and vision, and particular strengths and challenges, to presenting candidates whose background, experience and skill sets are a strong match for the school’s desired profile for its next leader, the CS&A search process is seamless. 

Over the past decade our consultants have placed more than 150 senior administrators in international schools, large and small including some of the top international schools around the globe. Search committees and boards praise the Carney Sandoe for frequent and prompt communication, attention to detail, valuable guidance, detailed dossiers and the quality of the candidates. Our network and relationships with schools worldwide allow us to uncover talent that conducting a search without Carney Sandoe’s help might not produce - meaning access to the top talent around.




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