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October 18, 2019

To lead into the future with vision, wisdom, courage and integrity

Five Ideas For The Future

Inspired Leadership


John Perry Barlow's "checklist for life" went viral after his death in 2018. Here are the 25 Principles of Adult Behaviour every educator (and consultant) should live by.

"Whether you're a boss or a colleague, a friend or a spouse, introverted or extroverted, emotional or analytic, or high or low on the totem pole, you can learn how to facilitate life-enhancing change in those around you." Coaching for Change

Consider that you wake up each morning knowing much of your day will be spent in problem-solving mode.  Better to be respected than liked– having much to do with your willingness to take on the difficult conversation, with compassion. Difficult Conversation Lessons From a Psychologist Who's Been Dealing With People Problems For Decades

International School leader Liam Hammer shares"Nine Things I Learned about International School Recruiting this Summer (And how schools can apply those lessons)."


Learning By Design


Katie Couric interviews Paul Tough about his new book, The Years that Matter Most, which takes a hard look at modern-day college. In it, The author argues that the system just isn't as fair as it should be.

Though STEM is vital, Tim Wise suggests an equal commitment and renewed focus on MESH education: Media Literacy, Ethics, Sociology, and History.

"One of the most depersonalizing aspects of the education system is assessments. A child's whole educational career is reduced to a set of numbers or letters when they graduate school at eighteen, and these combinations determine which universities or jobs they can apply for. The nuance of each person is forgotten and what's left is a standardized display of who this person is." How Can We Capture Children's Full Range Of Abilities?

"Merely attracting and admitting students and families with diverse backgrounds and experiences doesn't necessarily lead to the equitable and inclusive environments we desire." Using a Social Justice Framework to Guide Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Work.

Technology and Innovation for Learning


Makerspaces provide hands-on, creative ways to encourage students to design, experiment, build and invent. Kristilyn Oda shares her first experience with this new way to fuel student-led design.

From mini whiteboards to football (soccer) questioning, Michael De Main offers 5 intriguing techniques on how to question students in the classroom.

Computers in the Classroom May Do More Harm Than Good--If They're Overused - By Tom Jacobs

New research finds that computers are most effective as teaching tools when used sparingly, and to teach kids at certain ages specific subjects.


Personalized Learning


Learn how to become a powerful learner by more intentionally linking your memory and knowledge together through narrative. David Handel takes you on a journey into metacognition in How To Read Academic Content Once and Remember it Forever

"School is an island in the middle of a horizonless sea of commerce and trade. Nearly everything that reaches its shores is borne there on the water of money—from the food to the electricity to the textbooks. Its teachers row in on creaky boats, while admin motor in on better ships and berth at closer docks. Some students arrive in yachts, while others swim in with nothing but a bathing suit." – School is an Economy and its Currency is the Grade - By Bernie Bleske

As the school year is just beginning for many of you, let's begin this week's F3 with Katrina Schwartz'sFour Skills to Teach Students In the First Five Days of School.

What Students Gain From Learning Ethics in School - By Linda Flanagan

Linda Flanagan makes the case for why Ethics courses should be a necessity in our schools, rather than a sought after rarity.


Social-Emotional Learning/Child Protection


Malcolm Gladwell spoke with Alex Pappademas about his new book, Talking to Strangers. This is not a typical Gladwell book, and it's one that the author invites you to argue with.

Suicide prevention is a vital part of developing a strong school mental health system. For suicide prevention week, here is a plethora of resources and activities that educators can utilize at their schools. "Given that students spend the majority of time in schools, it is advantageous for schools to be well-prepared in education, prevention, and mental health awareness."

A wonderfully written article that will certainly resonate with international educators is Sten Sootla's "You are Your Work (And That's a Good Thing)." Sacrifices, taking pride in your work, and the love that inevitably follows.

Robert Roy Britt discusses new research into how positive thinking relates to longer life expectancy. Take this study's advice and visualize yourself at the center of positive future events.

Leading With Success

Regional News

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