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Secure Listserv Groups

AAIE's HeadNET, PrincipalNET, and CounselorNET serve school leaders to connect in conversations, sharing resources and ongoing research to support decision making and best practice in their schools.

Each Listserv is moderated for appropriate membership throughout the year. Only AAIE members who are in the role specified by the name of the listserve are allowed to register for entry to this group emailing service.

Protocols of HeadNet, PrincipalNet, and CounselorNet

1. Anyone who has conducted any survey in the last 12 months is requested to send a summary of their results to AAIE for archival storage on password protected sections on the AAIE Website.

2. When sending to the entire list, PLEASE use a signature protocol that includes your full name, school name, and possibly, telephone, fax, and school website.

3. When sending a reply to the entire list, please delete those portions of the original routing, etc. that are unnecessary to your communication. Many members expressed frustration at having to scroll through several pages of strange glyphs to get to the most recent message.

4. The service is NOT to be used for posting job vacancies, except in the most dire of circumstances, (as in a sudden school evacuation).

5. Please do not offer suggestions about specific products or programs. If you have a suggestion for someone who has expressed a particular need, please make that suggestion/advice to that person in private communication

6. Finally, all seemed to agree that it is not desirable to over-burden AAIE Listservs with a lot of rules and regulations. These will continue to be a free-form forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences that can be of help for each of you.

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