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Director's Update: Engaging with the Future

We live in a fast-paced and interconnected world where breakthrough technologies, demographic shifts and political transformations have far-reaching consequences on the international school community. More than ever, school leaders need to share insights and innovations on how to best navigate the future.

In this edition of the CONNECTOR you will find information on a variety of opportunities to engage with the ideas and resources made possible through our active AAIE NETwork of Members. Browse our new Thought Leader Blog page on the website for the latest reflections on leadership and take a few moments to see the schools and events where we have been recently in the AAIE - Out on the International Trail section. 


In Global Connections, Silvia Tolisano asks, "Has learning expanded at a rate that has outpaced our conceptions of leadership?" Next in an open interview with our media intern Roddia, meet an AAIE Affiliate Member Provider on Child Safety, Tim Gerrish. Then enjoy an engaging video interview with past AAIE President and current Lake Mary Preparatory School - Head of School, Jack Delman


Further on, learn about our featured Regional and Affiliate Members of the Month and hear about what makes our 2017 AAIE Host School: The French American International School of San Francisco such a unique learning community! We thank Melinda and her team for hosting both the AISH Oasis Day and the 51st Annual AAIE Conference in beautiful San Francisco, CA this coming February!


We need your assistance in the coming days to help identify your exemplar colleagues who deserve recognition for their leadership and contributions to international education. Below is information on how to nominate a colleague for an AAIE Leadership Award, along with an invitation to engage in critical discussions, panels of your peers and help shape the future of international education at the 51st Annual Conference


You are invited to take a few minutes to 'feed your need to CONNECT • SHARE • LEAD' by reading, watching and reacting to this edition of the AAIE CONNECTOR... Enjoy!


The Annual AAIE International Leadership Conference & Expo is the foremost event and creative force for engaging the world's top international educational leaders in collaborative activities to shape the global, regional and educational agendas each year. For over five decades, the AAIE mission - of improving international education by connecting the people, ideas and resources needed for advancement in the industry - has driven the design and development of the Annual Conference program. We hope you will join us for the 51st Conference taking place the 6-8th of February 2017 in San Francisco to strengthen your global connections and engage in critically important conversations with experts and colleagues around the future of international education!


The Annual AAIE Leadership Awards are given each year in the following categories to highlight the exceptional work of our members in the field of international school leadership:

• International Superintendent of the Year

• International Innovative Leader of the Year

• Hall of Fame Award

• 25 Year Award

Please consider nominating a colleague that has shown outstanding leadership within the international school setting and community for an AAIE Award! Nominations will be accepted through 15 November 2016.

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Regional Member Spotlight: AISA 

The Association of International Schools in Africa (AISA), established in 1969, is a non-profit education association supporting the professional learning and school improvement strategies of international schools on the continent of Africa. Based in Nairobi, Kenya, AISA offers a professional learning program specifically designed to meet the unique needs of our diverse member school community. AISA also offers a number of supplementary programs, scholarships and facilitates collaboration among member schools to advance school effectiveness and improve student learning.


AISA currently has 73 member schools across 34 countries. Schools vary in size from less than 100 students to over 2,000. Some are non-profit, others proprietary; some offer an American curriculum, others the British others the IB or a combination of all three. Together, these schools serve approximately 27,000 students supported by over 3,000 teachers.


AISA membership also includes some 75 Associate Members that are comprised of businesses, organizations and universities throughout the world whose primary mission is to serve the various needs of schools.



AAIE 51st Conference
San Francisco
6-8 February 


Concurrent Speaker Notification:

1 November 2016


Early-Bird Registration Discount Ends:

1 December 2016


Exhibitor Registration Deadline:

15 December 2016


Hotel Discount Ends:

11 January 2017


AAIE Child Protection Team Training

SAVE THE DATE: Fort Lauderdale, FL

26-30 June 2017 (Registration Opens 1 November 2016) 

Up Close & Personal With 

Former AAIE President: Jack Delman

interview video by Roddia Paul 

Affiliate Member Spotlight: GlobalTaxOnline



GlobalTaxOnline is a CPA firm specializing in federal and state tax advice and preparation for US educators residing overseas. Advice and preparation of foreign account reporting. They will be at the 51st AAIE Conference in San Francisco and welcome the opportunity to set up a time to discuss your tax service needs. | |  803 256 6211


AAIE - On The International Trail


Above: The beautiful primary grades play area at the International School of Stuttgart. Tim Kelley, the Head of School and Chair of AGIS leading a tour of the school.


Visiting Members in Germany: We had the pleasure of visiting several AAIE Member schools and a sister association while in Germany this fall. Tim Kelley, the Chair of AGIS (The Association of German International Schools) and head of Stuttgart International School hosted a tour and visit of their vibrant Degerloch campus in the beautiful city of Stuttgart. Tim and the AGIS Board were busy getting ready to host their annual fall conference in Bonn, another one of our stops in the same week! 


The next day we had the pleasure of stopping by Bonn International School to see Patricia Baier, who attended the AAIE - A/OS Heads Training in D.C. Pat is enjoying a great first year at Bonn and keeping very busy with the construction of a new building and several new initiatives in this dynamic school community! We can't wait to visit again once the new facilities are filled with the energy of students and teachers! 


Below: The vibrant river-side campus of Bonn International School and Patricia Baier, the new Head of School took time to show us all the exciting changes happening at Bonn.


From Bonn we stopped over to Frankfurt International School in Oberursel to catch up with Head of School Dr. Paul Fochtman and get a private tour of the newly opened Stroth Center...a 'next generation facility'. From exciting learning spaces to inviting collaboration areas and sports facilities that make this old basketball coach dream of hitting the court again, the Stroth Center is truly a place that will be the center of learning and activities for school community for generations to come! 


Above: Familiar faces from Harvard, TAISI, ECIS and the Common Ground Collaborative were all on hand!


The 11th Annual TAISI Leadership Conference: Creativity. Design. Thinking. took place at the end of September in Delhi. The conference was an outstanding opportunity for all levels of leaders from the region to gather, share, discuss and learn together.  We thank Anu Monga, her fantastic assistant Shibani and the TAISI Board for another outstanding experience! The AAIE Child Protection Leadership Team Training and Women's Leadership Seminar were such great successes that we are already booked for next year! See you in Mumbai 2017!


Below left: Attendees of The AAIE Global Women's Leadership Session at TAISI. Right: Session Facilitators: Ellen Deitsch Stern (Director at the American Embassy School of Delhi), Priya Ramteke (Deputy Head of MS Oberoi International School - Mumbai, me and Sarabjeet Kaur. 


Global Connections 

Why do International Education Leaders Need to be Connected

By Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano


AAIE's tagline reads Connect•Share•Lead. What does this mean for International Education in 2016 and beyond, when we are starting to prepare students who most likely will live to see the 22nd century? Randy Bass, from Educause Review said: "Learning has expanded at a rate that has far outpaced our conceptions of teaching." Is the same true for educational leadership? Has learning expanded at a rate that has outpaced our conceptions of leadership?

Through social media, educators have found a way to connect and learn with and from each other beyond boundaries and obstacles of time and space. I want to encourage you to take the time to watch this short video (less than 5 minutes)  about the importance of being "connected" in order to be and effective educator and leader.

Find ways to think about how you will connect, share and lead within the context of learning and leading into the 22nd century.  

Dedicate Time
Give connecting online the value and time it deserves. Create a routine by allowing a dedicated time every day.
Grow a PLN
Put effort into creating and maintaining a Personal Learning Network (PLN) by reading blogs from other educators and leaders from around the world.Grow your network by following interesting people on a social media platform like Twitter. Start to interact with others in your network.
Bring to Consciousness
Make your own learning transparent. Share how you are growing your network, how your learning is extending and conversations you are part of online. Model for your faculty and staff,  how social media channels amplify your ability to connect, share and lead.
Participate Actively
Don't just be a bystander in the global conversation of transforming teaching and learning. Let your voice be heard by sharing your experiences. Actively participate in online conferences and Twitter chats. 


AAIE Global Child Protection Training @ TAISI


Above left: Anu Monga (Chair of TAISI and Head of School at the International School of Bangalore) welcomes conference attendees. Above right: Dr. Oli Tooher-Hancock (AAIE Board Member and Head of the International School of Hydrabad, Mr. Tim Gerrish (AAIE Child Protection Facilitator), Anu Monga and Susie March (AAIE Child Protection Facilitator) gather as the session begins.


An outstanding group of leaders and educators from the region participated in our 2nd AAIE Child Protection Leadership Team Training & Level 1 Certificate Program at TAISI. The group from international schools across India and South East Asia worked with our team of experts to do a full audit of their current situation and then draft a comprehensive Child Protection Plan that meets the new accreditation standards. Over 50 schools have now created their plan and are working towards better protection standards for students!


Below: Participants of the AAIE Child Protection Training engage with presenters, their team and each other throughout the interactive sessions at TAISI


Up Close & Personal With 

Tim Gerrish

Interview by Roddia Paul  


Tim Gerrish is an AAIE Affiliate Provider and a highly committed and commended International Child Protection expert with extensive experience in advising on risk management issues and investigations.He specializes in conducting child protection audits as well as developing and delivering top class training on child safeguarding for international schools and high profile organizations.

What made you want to work in the area of international Child Safeguarding and Child Protection Training? My background is predominately in Law Enforcement. I was a detective for many years. So based on the work that I did internationally I could see that there was benefit and knowledge that I could share with international schools. Actually, it was as a direct consequence of working internationally for so many years for the British government that I began working with international schools all around the world.


In your many years of international consultancy, how effective is a comprehensive Child Safeguarding & Protection Plan in keeping international students safe at school and in their community? I think international schools can be isolated in many ways. They may not have access to services that other schools in more established countries could expect to have; Such as the UK, Canada America, Australia, New Zealand, European countries Etc. It's pretty easy to pick up a phone and get help in more established situations but for many countries it is much more difficult. They need a different approach, much more attention, and greater support.


What impact does the accessibility of safety and support play globally in a child's ability to thrive? I think child safety is imperative to any child's development. Of course they've got to be educated in a safe environment. That doesn't depend only on the school, no matter where in the world a child is this will always apply. The UN, The United Nations has developed a convention on the rights of the child (UNCRC), pretty much every country around the world has signed documents and ratified this convention that states children have the right to be protected from harm, these rights of the child have been accepted at the highest level of Government within many societies. It is accepted in all of our societies that children have rights; the rights to thrive, the rights to grow up in a safe environment, and of course the right to education.

What is the unique role of educational leaders in preventing and handling situations that involve child abuse within their schools and school communities? Educational leaders are of course by default professionals, they have a responsibility. Responsibility is the key word here, because as educational leaders it's their duty to ensure that the children who are in their care remain safe. They have a huge role to play in responsibility when it comes to keeping children safe. They have an opportunity to identify when children might be unsafe and when children might be being abused and/or harmed. Educators spend a lot of time with children, because children spend a lot of time at school. So, observationally teachers and educators have an opportunity to protect children by default again, because of the amount of time that they are spending in their company.

Why is it important for teachers, parents and students to learn and actively practice child-safeguarding techniques, especially those in international schools? Everyone has a role in monitoring and protecting children not just educators. It's not just the job of law enforcement or the authorities. It's not just the job of parents. It's the job of everyone. Everyone within the community and society has a role to play. So, yes, of course its important for the school leaders to do their part but it is equally as important for parents to play a role in protecting their children and to understand what the risks are. That's what we are trying to do here, share information about the possibility of risk and what those risks might be. Teachers need to be trained on which type of curriculum will help inform students about what types of risk they may be exposed to as a result of their own risk taking behavior. But also, equally parents have to be educated on what types of harm children can be subject to and what they can do as parents to protect their own children. I think we all have a job to play in that, including of course educators, teachers, parents, etc.

Why do you think an organization like AAIE is important to the future of Child Safeguarding and Protection and other important issues within the international education setting? I think any organization, regardless of who they are, that represents international communities around the world has an opportunity to develop and promote child protection, child safeguarding, and in developing safer schools. I think that's a great thing, that's a great vehicle for those messages to be put out through. I think the work that AAIE is going to be doing in promoting child protection is a good thing, equally as it would be for any other federation that represents international schools.

Why do you love the field you are in? I am still very motivated about my work and I believe that what I can share hopefully will make a difference, but I think after working for almost 30 years as a detective I can identify risks as a consequence when I see them. But I think the word 'love', particularly, is a difficult term to use for the field I am in. It's more about being motivated, professional, and being able to share information people can benefit from.

AAIE September Newsletter Sponsor of the Month: Search Associates

We thank our Sponsor of the Month, Search Associates for their long-standing and loyal support of AAIE and AAIE Member Schools and Leaders!


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