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Director's Update: Innovating for the Next 50 Years


On behalf of the AAIE Board and our global family of international leaders, I welcome you to the new 2016-17 school year and invite you to make it an outstanding one of connecting and leadership conversations within your AAIE leadership community. We wish all our members a year of filled with possibilities, peace, joyful learning and prosperity.


The 2016-17 school year marks AAIE's 51st year as the leading global international leadership member organization. We thank you, our members both new and returning, for the opportunity to embrace a new half-century. We commit to doing our very best to support, challenge and encourage you along this leg of your leadership journey!

While cherishing our roots and ensuring the rich history of the organization lives on, our mission and the ever-evolving member needs of this next half-century call us to constantly rethink how we provide innovative options for you to connect and engage with the growing and dynamic global network of international school leaders, ideas and resources. Information on new AAIE updates, recent international events and upcoming leadership development opportunities are outlined below.


The AAIE International Leadership CONNECTOR: Welcome to our first edition of the AAIE CONNECTOR. We are pleased to offer this bi-monthly newsletter throughout the year focused on keeping members updated on AAIE events and opportunities, as well as innovative ideas, programs and member stories from around the globe. Please take a few minutes to read our Member Spotlight section that introduces and showcases the unique aspects of a different member school, regional education organization and affiliate organization in each edition.  We are also pleased to share the new Up Close & Personal series that provides video and transcribed interviews and reflections from international education experts and influencers from around the world. Whether it's social media tips for telling your school or organizational stories on a recent visit with your organization in the new AAIE On the International Trail section, we hope you enjoy reading about and connecting with your international community via the AAIE CONNECTOR all year round!


The AAIE International Leadership HUB Website: Our newly designed website will launch in the next few days and with it, members will have access to a growing number of uniquely designed opportunities to engage, discuss, share and learn with each other throughout the year. As we complete various parts of the site we will be asking you to contribute as appropriate. For this week, we are focusing on sharing member leadership blogs and other publications:

         • Calling all member bloggers! If you regularly blog and would like to have your blog included on our Top Thought Leader Blogs page, please email to find out more information and thank you for sharing!

         • If you are a published author and would like to share your work with other AAIE members, we have an AAIE Authors page where we will showcase both professional publications as well as leisure fiction and non-fiction books written by AAIE members. To be included, please forward a portrait style photo jpg, a brief bio of 150 words or less, a jpg of the book cover and a link (or directions) on where the publication can be found or purchased to .


AAIE Child Protection Leadership Team Training - Level 1 Certification Helps Schools Better Prepare: This summer AAIE launched the first team-based training of it's kind for international school leadership teams looking to create and implement a comprehensive child protection plan that meets the new accreditation standards. The resulting feedback from the 25 international school teams that attended the session in June was so positive that plans are confirmed for offering this again in June of 2017.  We are also offering additional team trainings during the school year within the regions to meet the urgent demand.


Does your Child Protection Plan need work? The AAIE Child Protection Leadership Team Training - Level 1 Certification is available this September at the TAISI Leadership Conference from 16-18 September 2016 as a 3 day Pre-conference. If you are in the wider region of Asia, India or the Middle East, this is an excellent opportunity for your team to work with some of the foremost experts in child protection planning. Our facilitators will provide the strategic insights, tools and practical resources needed to create a successful child protection plan for your school. Don't miss this opportunity for you school to get ahead of the curve on child safeguarding and accreditation! For more information and the EVENT FLYER CLICK HERE and for REGISTRATION CLICK HERE.  For information on the TAISI Leadership Conference in New Delhi please CLICK HERE


Please do contact me at or by phone at +1 (651) 332-1549 with any questions and ideas about AAIE, or to simply share how your year is going!


Enjoy a wonderful start to school year and hope to see you soon out on the international trail in 2016-17!


                                                       Warm regards,


                                               Yolanda Murphy-Barrena / Executive Director - AAIE

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New AAIE Team Member: Our international leadership community continues to grow and so does our AAIE Team! I am pleased to introduce our newest team member, Derek Harwell, who will be supporting you in his new role as AAIE Programs & Membership Coordinator. Many of you already know Derek from his years of service and leadership at the International School of Amsterdam and Ambrit International School Rome, or his role as President of ELMLE (European League of Middle Level Educators). Experience leading as a site based associate of Harvard's Project Zero/Visible Thinking, the European based Affiliate for ISTE and the TEDxAmsterdam coordinator allow Derek to contribute a unique set of skills to support you and our growing organization. Derek brings over 20 years of international education, technology integration and leadership experience with him to AAIE. We are thrilled to have him on board as we provide innovations in engagement, our membership benefits, event programming and online resource development. Derek can be reached at .

This past month our international community and AAIE sadly lost a leader and major contributor with the untimely passing of William Powell. I met Bill long before moving overseas when as a young administrator I benefited from his expertise at a cognitive coaching clinic that changed how I worked with teachers, students and parents. Bill was one of those educators who's name always spurred connections to personal experiences and learning no matter what group you were with. More recently, AAIE had received yet another admirable article from Bill and Ochan Kusuma-Powell for the upcoming Fall Edition of our research journal InterED just days before his passing.


The passion and support that Bill and Ochan provided so that more expatriate families around the world can find schools that welcome their children and provide them with a quality education will no doubt live on in the consortium of schools that Bill founded known as Next Frontier Inclusion under the ongoing stewardship of Ochan, and the hundreds if not thousands of educators that had the privilege of learning from and with Bill over his many years of service to international educators and students. We are honored to have one of his last contributions in our upcoming publication and commit to keeping his life work alive through the continued sharing of his ideas and the promotion of development opportunities on international differentiated programing and inclusion. Bill will be greatly, greatly missed.

 Institutional Member Spotlight:

ACS Athens


ACS Athens President:  Dr.  Stefanos Gialamas

ACS Athens is a student-centered international school, embracing American educational philosophy, principles and values.


For the past ten years Dr. Stefanos Gialamas has been the President of the American Community School of Athens - Greece (ACS Athens, Greece).  He holds a B.Sc. in Mathematics / Physics, an M.Sc. in Statistics, an M.A. in Mathematics and a Ph.D. in Mathematics (Knot Theory).  Prior to his arrival at ACS Athens he served as the Provost of the American College of Thessaloniki (ACT), Greece.  He has also served for several years as the Dean of Academic Leadership Development, Faculty Development and Dean of the Mathematics and Science Programs, at the corporate office of DeVry University, USA.  He has taught graduate and undergraduate mathematics, computer, management and leadership courses at universities in Kansas, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Greece.  He has been a Professor, Department Chair, a Dean, a Provost, a President and an education consultant since 1990.


His professional work includes research in Leadership Development, Faculty Development, Innovative Approaches in Teaching and Learning, Knot Theory, Mathematics and Arts, the History and Philosophy of Mathematics, and Mathematics Education.  He has published more than 100 articles in both English and Greek languages, three books, a chapter book, and many other manuals.


Dr. Gialamas was the installation speaker at the inauguration of Dr. Richard Hurley as the 9th president of the University of Mary Washington, Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA, on September of 2011.


In response to the global educational reform he has developed a new education paradigm, the Global Morfosis paradigm which has been implemented at the American Community Schools of Athens (ACS Athens) Greece for the past decade.  This dynamic paradigm consists of three inseparable, interconnected, and interrelated components: the Educational Philosophy of Morfosis (Μόρφωση), the i2Flex Delivery Methodology, and the Aristeia (Αριστεία) Leadership Approach. 


AAIE Would also like to congradulate ACS Athen's for its re-accrediation to the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools under the protocol of "Sustaining Excellence." Your dedication to education does not go unnoticed!


Affiliate Member Spotlight: ISS



Opening Minds and Doors for more than 60 years. International Schools Services (ISS) supplies top international schools around the world with everything they need to provide their students with a world-class education. Headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey, USA, ISS offers only the best in staff recruitment, job placement, school supplies, curriculum, and other services that help position schools for success. For more information about ISS click below


51st Annual Leadership Conference & Expo: Future Leaders = Future Schools will be held from 6-8 February 2017 at the newly remodeled Hyatt Regency San Francisco! Mark your calendars now and help grow our international leadership pipeline by inviting an emerging leader from your team to join you for this future-focused leadership event.

A newly designed conference format will have you engaging with internationally acclaimed speakers and colleagues from around the globe on a wide range of topics from hot trends in international education to cutting edge future program ideas and expert advice on why Millennials are key to your schools future. Be prepared for 'dynamic and different' while enjoying even more networking opportunities and time specifically dedicated to helping you build new connections with colleagues from around the world. Explore what international schools and educational programs will look like, observe and discuss cutting edge examples and engage with the resources and people needed to support you and your organization as you move to shape the future global educational landscape.

A Call for Speakers will be sent out in a separate 51st Conference Update later this week with links to the application, along with an overview of all upcoming deadlines and the 51st Conference Schedule for your travel planning. We look forward to seeing you at the 51st in San Francisco!

Come • Connect • Share • Lead!

Regional Association Spotlight:




When asked about being the Executive Director of AASSA, Paul Poore responded; "After spending 28 years living overseas, I was fortunate to be hired as the Executive Director of the AASSA region--the only region of the world I had neither lived in nor traveled to.  I am fortunate to work with our member schools in vibrant and culturally rich Latin America. AASSA is a unique regional organization in that we provide not only professional development for our region which includes South American, Central American and Caribbean schools, but we also provide key services for our members such as an annual Recruiting Fair, Purchasing and Payroll Processing."


AASSA was formed in 1961 and formally founded in 1977 as a non-profit 501(C) 3 association: to discover and develop ways and means for improving understanding through international education; to improve upon the quality of teaching and learning in Association schools; to facilitate communication and cooperative action between and among all Association schools; and to facilitate cooperative action with national, state, local or non-governmental agencies in the field of international education. AASSA's mission is to provide and promote programs and services to member schools whose primary language of instruction is English in order to enhance the quality of American and international education in the Americas.

Would you like your school, association or company featured in an upcoming AAIE Leadership CONNECTOR newsletter or on our website?  

For information on what to send and where we can help share out information about you and your membership organization, please contact, Roddia Paul, the Communications and Media Outreach Associate Intern at

AAIE: Out on the International Trail  

From the Spring AASSA Conference hosted by Dr. Kerry Jacobson and his team at Colegio Franklin Delano Roosevelt - The American School of Lima to a recent visit with Melinda Bihn and her team at the French American International School of San Francisco, who will be the AAIE 51st Conference Host School, we are always happy to stop and visit with AAIE members out on the international trail! 



Welcome New Members!

AAIE would like to give all of our new members a BIG and WARM AAIE welcome! We are so glad to have you as apart of our international family!


Global Connections 

Becoming the Lead Storyteller of your School

By: Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano / AAIE Social Media Coordinator


Your school has their vision as well as their mission statement most likely posted on your school's website. It might also be published on beautifully designed flyers and welcome packages for prospective parents. But who is telling the story of your school? How are you, your faculty, staff and students, who are living and breathing that mission and vision, sharing that story? Many schools struggle with a certain invisibility to the outside world when it comes to  great things happening within their walls or misinformation being circulated. It is time to take telling the stories of your school into your own hands and become the lead storyteller of your school!


Through your stories, you will create excitement and anticipation of more things to come. You will weave a story that transcends individual classrooms or students, but will build institutional memory. Don't let others tell the stories for you. Find ways to spread the word, share best practices, choose specific platform(s) and media, that suit your individual storytelling style.

Silvia is a Social Media Consultant & Coach and is available for onsite "Social Media for Schools" workshop sessions for you and your faculty as well as virtual personal coaching sessions to help you become a connected leader and the lead storyteller of your school.

For all things AAIE Media you can contact Silvia at


Get International Leadership Updates from AAIE through our Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Youtube account.

Stay Connected

1.    Start small by using one social media platform of your choice. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or a blog are prefered choices of many school leaders.
2.    Create a routine of regularly contributing short snippets of life, learning, teaching, observations, testimonials, plans, process, goals, accomplishments, experiences, student voices, philosophy, etc. of your school community. These snippets can be in form of text, images, videos or a mix of different media.
3.    Create and use a #hashtag, unique to your school to connect a conversation around your school. Share the #hashtag with your school community and beyond to connect, spread and amplify your stories. 

Where are you sharing the stories of your school? Let AAIE help you amplify your stories by connecting them to our International Education community. Share your user profile with us to be added to our AAIE Twitter Lists ( and please use the #AAIEGlobal hashtag on Instragram, Twitter and Facebook to connect our international School stories and conversation.


Please use the following link to add the platform(s) you are currently using as a school or as a professional of sharing your stories-


Recommended books:

  • The Power of Branding by Tony Sinanis and Joseph Sanfelippo
  • Your School Rocks… So Tell People by Ryan McLane and Eric Lowe


Up Close & Personal with Former AAIE President

Dr. Daryle D. Russell

Interview By Roddia Paul

Up Close & Personal with:

Susie March

Interview By Roddia Paul 


Susie March is an expert in Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) and SRE training. Susie is dedicated to improving the emotional and social wellbeing of young people by providing students with the information, skills and values needed to build healthy, happy and respectful relationships, whilst ultimately taking responsibility for their sexual health and well-being.

What made you want to work in the international education area of Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) and Child Protection? "I began to move into a health promotion whilst in my role as a nurse working in sexual health, women's health and family planning. When my family moved from the UK to Germany my children attended the Munich International School. Initially I volunteered to assist with the delivery of certain aspects of the Health and Social studies program to middle school students. There was a clear need to develop the program, whilst this took place, the school assisted me to learn effective pedagogical practices. From those small beginnings, I have branched out to other schools within Europe. Over the years, the approach to SRE and Child protection has evolved. Previously the information was very scientific but now it's much more focused on relationships and how people interact. Science doesn't drive it anymore."


What impact do relationships have on a student's performance in the classroom and as a member of the community? "Children and young people's ability to understand healthy relationships will support them with the development their own social skills. Without social skills, many will struggle within an adult society to create meaningful relationships."


In your many years of international education involvement how important and effective is Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) for international students? "In addition to all the pressures faced by previous generations, young people have access to increasingly adult content both on and offline. Comprehensive age-appropriate SRE can have a positive effect on knowledge, values and attitudes.International students also face their own specific issues; living within the relative safety of the 'expat bubble'. When they leave home, whilst worldly, they have little knowledge of the reality of the outside world. The SRE they receive needs to prepare students for the different cultures, laws and situations they may face."

Why is it important for teachers, parents and school leaders to be educated in SRE? "Embarrassment or discomfort by teachers and school leaders can hinder children and young people obtaining honest answers to their questions, perhaps leaving them with little understanding of how their bodies work, ignorant of potential abuse and under prepared for modern adult life. Because of their unique relationship with their children, parents are in a fabulous position to be the first educators about sex and relationships. When asked, parents feel the same and would like to take on the role. However, the reality is that parents too can feel uncomfortable. The impact of new technologies can leave young people feeling their parents are out of touch."


Who do should students, parents and/or school leaders contact if they suspect abuse a student is being abused? Individual schools should have a reporting system with a Designated Child Protection Officer. Staff need to informed of this information. The reporting structure should well document and available for all.


How do healthy relationships impact self-esteem and sense of self during a child's schooling years and later on in life? "Confidence building during adolescence is extremely important. Young people who are exploring their gender and sexuality are more often living in a world where gender inequality and gender stereotyping is viewed as negatively impacting both girls and boys (although differently for each). Therefore, supporting young people to develop and grow confidently whilst allowing them to make positive choices for themselves is a vital element of SRE."


Why do you think an organization like AAIE is important to the future of Child Safeguarding and Protection and other important issues within the international education setting? "There is a clear need to drive forward the excellent New Standards for Child Protection. AAIE has an opportunity to assist schools with the implementation. Without guidance from respected organizations such as AAIE many schools will find the task extremely daunting."

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