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It is with great sadness that we inform you of the recent passing of our former Executive Director and international educator and leader Dr. Elsa Lamb.  Our heartfelt condolences go out to her family, close friends and the many colleagues, students and parents that she worked to support, inspire and mentor over her many years of teaching and leading at various international schools, regional associations and finally AAIE.


Dr. Elsa C. Lamb 
September 1944 - December 2017

Elsa was a talented, dynamic and committed international educator and leader who contributed to our educational community and the students she greatly cared for as a teacher for 20 years. She then served for more than 20 additional years as the school director of various communities around the world including the American School of Barcelona, Spain, the American School of Asunción in Paraguay and the American Nicaraguan School in Managua, Nicaragua where she was able to utilize her mastery of Spanish to engage and nurture full involvement from all members of the school. Wherever she went, Elsa built a reputation for increasing rigor, building positive community and keeping a sharp focus on providing excellent student support services and programming for the children in her care.  

During her years of international service as a school director, Elsa also actively helped shape international education as a member of the board for the regional associations of MAIS, ECIS, and AASSA, along with AISH and AAIE.  After serving as the AAIE President and Board Chair, Elsa then joined and led AAIE as the Executive Director from 2008 until her retirement in 2015.


Elsa leaves a legacy that lives on in some very concrete ways and through the growth and success of the many school communities she led and the countless students, teachers and colleagues that she positively impacted over her many years of caring service. One example of her legacy is the generations of youngsters who get their first taste of a formal international education at the Elsa Lamb Early Childhood Learning Center that was dedicated in 2000 at the American School of Barcelona.


Another example of her legacy are the many school principals and heads that have benefited from the AAIE Leadership Institute and Certificate Program that Elsa founded and nurtured during her time at AAIE. International schools will continue to benefit from these highly qualified and well-connected international school leaders who gain the experience, skills and knowledge through the unique curriculum and leadership-mentoring component of her program. Elsa's lifelong passion for nurturing excellence in leadership and supporting the growth of others also lives on in our global leadership community through the continued engagement of our Global AAIE Family as we connect, question, share and support each other daily in better serving the students and families put in our care.


There will be an opportunity to recognize and celebrate Elsa's lifelong impact on international education and the difference she made to her many colleagues and friends at our 52nd AAIE Conference and gathering in New York this February. More information will be also shared out regarding how best to share your condolences, honor her legacy, engage in sharing stories and pay tribute in your own unique way to the life and legacy of Dr. Elsa Lamb.


With peace to all who knew and loved her,



Yolanda Murphy-Barrena

Executive Director



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