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Thank you for your continued support of AAIE and the International Education Community. You and the resources and services you provide AAIE Members are an important part of our Annual Conference and global gathering!


We invite you to attend, exhibit, advertise, sponsor and engage at the 52nd AAIE International Leadership Conference & Expo in New York City, 5-7 February 2018 and are excited to share some new developments just for you! 

Launched last year, the AAIE App continues to be the main source for detailed and current conference information, making it the most valuable method to advertise and enhance awareness of your resources. As an exhibitor, sponsor, or advertiser making connections and setting appointments is a click away.


Our unique conference games and prizes will drive our leaders and decision-makers to your exhibition space or website as a means to earn points and make face-to-face connections.  

There are also advertising opportunities in print with the 52nd Keepsake Mini-Program and complimentary SWAG items in the conference bag to ensures a creative menu of options for reaching attendees.


We hope you will take full advantage of the networking and  marketing features for the 52nd AAIE International Leadership Conference and Expo.   We look forward to working with you in New York.

Unique engagement opportunities this year:

  • International Marketplace Resource Directory: Introductory publication emailed to AAIE members and key school contacts before and after the conference highlighting your service details and contact information.
  • 52nd Keepsake Program: Printed Color Mini Program booklet advertising (1/2 and 1/4 page adverts)
  • Interactive Mobile APP: Engage directly with attendees before, during and after the conference on our new mobile app.
  • Conference Bag Promotional Materials and Your Branded SWAG


Don't miss the International Marketplace Resource Directory pre-conference mailing...



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