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Dear Colleague,


Hopefully this finds you returning to work in the new year with a fully recharged battery from a relaxing and joy-filled holiday break with family and friends around the world! Warm wishes from AAIE for a peaceful 2017 and learning-filled year ahead!


This issue of the CONNECTOR is packed with timely information about the upcoming conference, interesting and heart-warming Member Spotlights, tips for making Global Connections at the Conference, an interview with past AAIE President Cliff Strommen, updates on exciting new retreats and institutes and much more! Enjoy the read and we look forward to seeing you next month in San Francisco!


As we prepare for the upcoming 51st AAIE Leadership Conference: Future Leaders = Future Schools, a quote from an inspiring activist, future dreamer and Nobel Peace Prize winner comes to mind...


"Let us make our future now and let us make today's dreams tomorrow's reality."  Malala Yousafzai


If you have not yet registered for the 51st AAIE conference, please do join us for this interactive learning and rich networking event focused on the future possibilities of international education and the resulting leadership implications! The 51st AAIE will be packed with opportunities to engage in Panel Discussions on key topics and connect ideas during Deep Dives with international colleagues addressing the same challenges that you and your team are wrestling with! Come hear cutting edge research and challenges on the future of international education from our Keynote Speakers and find new resources while exploring the International Marketplace where our trusted providers are ready to support you and your school!


Also, please Book Your Room at the Hyatt Regency TODAY as they are almost Sold Out! We don't want you caught out in the cold! Overflow hotel information will be made available on the event website in the next few days once the hotel has reached capacity.

Now, on to celebrating our 2017 AAIE Award Recipients, who have led the way in this important work and will be sharing their thoughts with you at the conference! 

On behalf of the AAIE Board, I thank our many Members who stepped forward to nominate colleagues for recognition of their leadership and contributions to international education! We again enjoyed an impressively strong pool of candidates. After careful consideration, the AAIE Awards Committee is pleased to congratulate the following award recipients for the 2016-17 year:


AAIE  International Superintendent of the Year:

Dr. Chip Barder


Congratulations to Chip, from the United Nations School of Hanoi for being selected as the 2017 Dr. Ernest Mannino International Superintendent of the Year! Chip will join the long and distinguished list of outstanding international school directors that have been awarded this prestigious recognition in the past and will represent AAIE at the AASA National Superintendents Awards events over the coming year.  


You will have a chance to hear Chip's thoughts on leadership during the Superintendent of the Year Address that will take place on Tuesday, 7 February 2017 at the 51st AAIE International Leadership Conference & Expo in San Francisco!  


AAIE International Innovative Leader of the Year: Cary Reid


Congratulations to Cary Reid from The Mahindra United World College of India for being selected as the 2017 Dr. Keith Miller International Innovative Leader of the Year! You will have a chance to hear Cary's thoughts on innovation in international education during the International Innovative Leader of the Year Address that will take place on Tuesday, 7 February 2017 at the 51st AAIE International Leadership Conference & Expo in San Francisco!


In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of AAIE, this award was given out for the first time in 2016 to recognize innovators in the field of international educational leadership and highlight creative approaches to better meeting the needs of our dynamic and diverse global communities of learners as we head into the next 50 years! 

AAIE Hall of Fame Inductees


AAIE is pleased to welcome the following individuals to the AAIE Hall of Fame at our upcoming 51st Conference in recognition of their significant contributions over many years to international education, leadership and the membership community of AAIE. Congratulations to:

Reina O'Hale: Executive Director of the Mediterranean Association of International Schools

Dr. Dennis Larkin: Superintendent of the Lincoln Community School, Ghana

William O'Hale: Educational Consultant and Former Headmaster at the American School of Madrid


AAIE 25 Year Award


The following individuals have been active and supportive members of AAIE and the international community for 25 years. We look forward to honoring them in San Francisco:

David Cramer: Senior Associate at Search Associates and former head of school in Dhaka, Abu Dhabi, ACS La Paz and Jakarta

Dr. Joe Shapiro: Dean of the College of Extended Studies at San Diego State University


Please join us in congratulating all of these outstanding leaders on their respective recognitions and come celebrate and hear their thoughts at the 51st!


Announcing NEW Summer Leadership Learning Retreats & Institutes for 2017: We have your leadership development needs covered!  


Responding to Member requests, we are pleased to announce some new offerings to meet the specific learning needs of you and other leaders on your team! Below are the sessions available for Summer 2017.  Please save the dates for sessions you are interested in, and watch your inbox over the next few weeks for registration information! Thank you for also passing these on to colleagues and member of your leadership team that could benefit from these unique and high quality learning opportunities!


A variety of intensive 4 day institutes will be available for: 


• AAIE Child Protection Leadership Team Training / Level 1 Certificate Program (REGISTRATION NOW OPEN)

   Facilitated by: Dr. Jordan Greenbaum, Tim Gerrish, Susie March & more!


• AAIE / ISCA International Counseling Institute (Open Soon)

   Facilitated by: Dr. Scott Poland, Ellen Mahoney, Cheryl Brown & more!


• AAIE English Language Learning Program Institute (Open Soon)

    Facilitated by: Dr. Virginia Rojas and Valeria Silva


AAIE Instructional Leadership Institute (Open Soon)

    Facilitated by: Dr. Fran Prolman


NEW 2 day retreat for all senior level leaders moving to a new school or leadership position in the coming year! 


• AAIE Leadership Transition Retreat (Open Soon)

    Facilitated by: Lee Fertig and Barry Déquanne


Participants will benefit from this highly interactive and internationally focused opportunity to prepare for their upcoming leadership transition.

Attendees will walk away with a comprehensive transition plan in hand and the strategies, knowledge and colleague network in place to facilitate a successful start in their new role!

Could you or someone you know use help with tuition? Applications still being accepted from Members until 20 January 2017 for the $2500 AAIE Graduate Student Scholarship!

 Member School & 51st Conference Host School Spotlight: French American International School / International High School of San Francisco


The French American International School and International High School is a world-class lower, middle and high school located in the heart of San Francisco. This PreK-12 independent, coeducational institution of 1,100 students provides multilingual, international education to globally minded students. Students begin speaking French in Kindergarten, become bilingual as they complete lower school, and go on to study a third language in 6th grade. High school students follow honors-level French Bac or International Baccalaureate diploma programs; and travel the world studying in such places as Tahiti, Italy, Peru, China, Morocco, and India. In addition to international academic programs, the school offers its students competitive athletics and spectacular visual and performing arts.


It takes a unique type of person, whether student or parent, teacher or administrator, to join our community: bold but not brash, caring but not doting, reflective yet active. We hold dear the values of respect, integrity, inclusion, collaboration and curiosity. We strive to think critically and creatively, to build resilience, and to communicate across cultures. All are essential tools in today's world—ones that we have been cultivating for over 50 years.

Melinda Bihn, Ed. D.
Head of School


French American International School | International High School | Lycée International Franco-Américain

150 Oak Street | San Francisco, CA 94102 | USA




Hurry! Applications still being accepted for the following High School Student Scholarship until 25 January 2017!

Affiliate Member Spotlight: 

Curriculum Associates 


Pictured is the Co-Founder of Curriculum Associates Frank Ferguson and CEO Rob Waldron.


by Michael Stratford / Politico Online News

At Curriculum Associates, a private textbook publishing and education technology firm in Billerica, Mass., employees talk about "the gift of Frank" — and one wonders why they don't say gifts, plural. Company co-founder Frank Ferguson, 89, the former president of audio equipment company Bose Corp., is a gift himself, always a spirited presence and the heart of the company since it was established in 1969. "The guy who's always walking the fastest, is the most energetic, is Frank," said CEO Rob Waldron.

— Ferguson is also a significant charity force in the education world and a socially focused business leader with a reputation for community engagement. He's a member of the Boston chapter of Social Venture Partners, a nonprofit that assists organizations that possess a social mission, and a board adviser for the Lionheart Foundation, which brings emotional literacy curriculum to incarcerated adults. Last year alone, Curriculum Associates gave roughly $500,000 to charitable organizations, including early education organization JumpStart, the Boston Debate League and uAspire, a nonprofit that helps students secure financial aid.

— Over the last few months, Curriculum Associates has been deprived of Ferguson's signature élan, because he's been undergoing cancer treatment. But his absence only underscores the true value of "the gift of Frank," Waldron told Pro Labor and Employment's Cogan Schneier.

— Ferguson created two safeguards to ensure the company's future matched his vision of "making classrooms better places for teachers and children," Waldron said. First, he made Waldron sign a 20-year employment contract when he joined in 2008, giving him the job stability to focus decisions on meeting the company's long-term goals.

Second, Ferguson established a joint trust with Waldron, which mandates that after Ferguson's lifetime, dividends from Ferguson's company shares would be donated entirely to charity.

— It's a pretty unique setup. Companies rarely focus so intensely on the long-term, especially in the U.S., where short-term returns are king and executive effectiveness is measured on a quarter-to-quarter basis, experts say. Some extremely successful companies tout their charitable investments, like Facebook, but it's unusual for a company of any size to put so much of its equity into charity.

— "School Street" focus: "One thing I say is that the structure allows me to answer to school street, not to Wall Street," Waldron said. "All of us recognize what we call 'The Gift of Frank.' We don't have to answer to anything but the work itself, because we don't have people that are trying to mine our profits for their short-term needs. It's both an honor and a big responsibility to make sure we manage that gift well, to cherish that gift in a way that makes the biggest impact to teachers and children."

— And it's working: Curriculum Associates has experienced rapid growth, quintupling its staff over the past four years and adding 200 new full-time positions this year. It also voluntarily raised the minimum hourly wage for staffers to $15 per hour (that's $5 more than the Massachusetts standard). A textbook publishing company for most of its life, Waldron has recently shifted the focus to creating technology solutions for classrooms, offering tools to help teachers and students measure student achievement and other diagnostics in real time.

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Global Connections

Making Conference Connections 


By Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano


There is a German saying that roughly translates into:" The only connections in your network that will hurt you are the ones you do not have". In an era of social networking and information overload, this is truer than ever. Making professional connections via diverse and strategic networks is critical in our work and in lifelong learning as educational leaders. In a previous newsletter, I wrote about the importance of social media networking and building of a learning network. Eric Sheninger, principal, author and international keynote speaker, writes about "Connectedness as the Standard" in his book Digital Leadership.


While social media opens previously untapped possibilities of exponential size, growth and reach of our networks, most often it is about the connections we make, create and nurture IN PERSON that begin and strengthen these virtual continuations. There is no better place than the annual AAIE Conference to take advantage of the concentrated gathering of International school leaders all in one place. Use this opportunity to meet other leaders, service providers, introduce yourself to newbies, and be strategic and active in building your connections. 


Most importantly learn how to continue to stay in touch and network virtually once we all return to our respective corners of the world. Make sure you bring and actively disseminate your business cards. Don't forget to include your e-mail, Twitter username, a Facebook or LinkedIn address, and other key information that allow others to continue to connect with you beyond the days of the conference. You never know when you will need these new and cultivated connections, but most likely it will be sooner than expected!


Up Close & Personal With Former AAIE President:

Cliff Strommen 

Interview By Roddia Paul 

What was your first AAIE annual conference like? Well that would be in 1972, which was also my first year as a superintendent. I was a superintendent in New Delhi and what I found was sort of a "wow factor" because I was a novice and the quality of what they were discussing and the directions that they were seeking for AAIE at that point in time impressed me. The organization was about 6 or 7 years old and the interaction of the stateside and overseas members was so clearly defined in their minds. I witnessed them discuss things so openly without any anger or animosity within the difference of opinions. As a new guy I kind of said to myself "wow these guys are greatly talented and I better get on my horse and catch up with them." It was such a very interesting meeting and it was built on the vision of Ernie Mannino with his Office of Overseas Schools and Finis Engleman who was one of the early leaders of AAIE. Overall what impressed me the most about my very first meeting was the quality of the members because as a new superintendent I didn't know what to expect.


What would your message be to international students all over the world? My first message would be for them to embrace the culture of the country they are in, where it is allowed. I understand that some countries now are pretty protective of that or in a sense are a bit anti-American.  I would want every American student  that goes to school in a foreign country to try to understand and enjoy the culture of the country where they live.   Secondly, I would like them to understand and appreciate the fact that the education they are receiving in the international schools will prepare them for college, will prepare them for work, and will prepare them for any career they choose to follow. I have tremendous respect for what the international schools do for students, staff and parents. I have watched kids blossom in international school settings that are relatively slow placed and calm compared to what they would get here in the United States. Particularly in the last 10 years or so where schools are pressed with state federal demands that we didn't have overseas. I believe that since the creation of AAIE it has held a record of positive growth and development. Each President has lead the organization within the international atmosphere that prevailed during their term. AAIE has had a very positive and powerful impact on the education of all students who have attended schools supported by AAIE.

Sponsor Of The Month: AdvancED 

AdvancED is a non-profit, non-partisan organization serving the largest community of education professionals in the world. Founded on more than 100 years of work in continuous improvement, AdvancED combines the knowledge and expertise of a research institute, the skills of a management consulting firm, and the passion of a grassroots movement for educational change to empower and ensure all Pre-K to 12 schools to reach their full potential.


AdvancED's position as a global leader in school improvement and accreditation continues to expand by providing a national and international voice to inform and influence policy and practice on issues related to education quality.


AdvancED provides accreditation, school improvement and professional development services globally, to public and private education providers of all types in their pursuit of excellence. AdvancED supports these educational institutions and systems by:

•   Conducting external reviews

•   Providing continuous improvement expertise

•   Offering workshops and training on accreditation and school improvement topics

•   Delivering support tools and resources via online and printed materials

•   Providing a global network of shared expertise and education practices for educators

•   Providing accreditation Standards and Protocol that act as a blueprint for achieving operational effectiveness and promoting the learning, growth and development of students.



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